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We run an organic food event based in Wiltshire. Our goal is to celebrate food grown by local people without chemicals. One event is a competition where people from Salisbury and the surrounding area bring their vegetables along to be judged by a local celebrity. Vegetables such as carrots, peas, radishes and onions are given awards based on size and aesthetic.

This event has been running for six years now and has attracted increasing interest from many people. The 2013 event was held in September and proved to be another great success. We hope to involve more people and add more exciting stalls and features to the event in the approaching years.

Organic food has always been an important part of this area and we love celebrating it at this exciting event.

Organic food event


We represent the organic food event based in Wiltshire, UK. If you are looking for the PEA Awards, please visit http://www.peaawards.com/

We celebrate locally grown, organic food at a yearly event in Salisbury.

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